Pro Plan

Domain Name Registration – For domains that are currently not registered. Check domain status here 
Hosted By Us – We will host your dropshipping site on our SSD servers. (Up to 4gb)
Dropship Suppliers – Our system will be integrated with major dropship suppliers, allowing you to easily populate your dropshipping store with the products you want to sell
Basic Mobile-Friendly Design – Choose from a range of basic designs that are mobile-friendly.
Server Optimization – While our servers are optimized for dropshipping systems, further optimization is required for dropshipping sites to ensure the lowest load times possible 
Advanced Design – We will do limited customizations for you based on your requirements.

Selling Tools

Payment Gateway Integration – Paypal & Stripe are the 2 most commonly used payment gateways by E-Commerce platforms and sites. Accept major credit cards and E-wallets like Google Pay or Apple Pay
Multi-Currency Pricing – Essential when your customer base is located in different countries. Accept most commonly used currencies
Multi-Language – Just as essential when your customer base is located in different countries. Our multi-lingual solutions are proof-read and checked by linguists.
Advanced Payment Options – When you require more than the basic payment gateways. Subscription models? Cryptocurrency payments? We can help you integrate this!


Analytics – It is important to discover, interpret, and communicate significant patterns in data for your dropshipping store. This will help you see insights and meaningful data that can help you in driving more sales, generate more leads or gather more interest!
SEO Ready – Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of helping the almost endless amount of internet users find you on the internet. When a user searches for a product or service via a search engine, you would want your product or service appear at the top (or as close to the top) of the search results.
Social Media Research – An indispensable tool in the online sellers arsenal, Social Media is one of the most cost-effective and efficient means of letting your potential buyers know of your product and services. Our research would let you know what keywords and hashtags to use, along with which social media platforms are best for your offerings.
Social Media Marketing – We will assist you in the management of your social media accounts. Regular and informed posts are a must to retain interest in your buyers.
Affiliate Marketing – Sure, you can sell yourself, but what if there are other willing sales people willing to sell for you? This is what affiliate marketing is about. We will integrate a system where you can easily track and reward people who sell for you. 
Customer Loyalty Programs – Recognize and reward customers who purchase or engage with your brand on a regular basis. We will integrate after sales reminders, point systems or newsletters for your to achieve this.
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